Massive Herd of Manatee

The unseasonably cold temperatures have caused Florida's manatees to huddle together for warmth. I have the video for you, it is quite a sight to see.


Anonymous said...

sooooooooo neat that has to be almost everyonr in the whole state of Florida they should go ck them out for tracking tags.

Anonymous said...

is the power plant water safe for them to be so near for so long?

steve moudry said...

I was wondering that myself, in the article it doesn't say it is dangerous but I cannot image it's all that safe.

Elisabeth said...


I hope the owner of the picture will resd this commend!!! Manatees are my favourit animals. I would like to use this picture for my notebook designskin. My question is, weather i'm allowed to use it.

Thank you
bye lisazimt