Invent A Dunkin Donut

Click here to create your dream donut. Win $12,000. Be sure to leave a comment of your creation!

Peeps On Parade Contest

The Chicago Tribune is running their annual Peeps on Parade diorama contest. Build your own and submit it to win Peeps prizes and have it displayed in the windows of WGN. If you do enter, send the pics to me!

Click here to check out last years entries or enter.

Thanks Dan!

3 Things To Know This Tuesday

1. Cheap, once-a-day "polypill" to prevent heart disease proven effective and safe.

2. Angry that McDonalds changed from dinner to breakfast?!? Shots fired.

3. Are bushy eyebrows making a comeback?


Acoustic Thriller

I think this might be the only cover of a Michael Jackson worth listening to ever. It's ridiculously good. Her name is Emily Elbert. Enjoy.

3 Things To Know This Monday

1. President Obama and a staff of 500 head to the UK.

2. Obamas paying for White House renovations themselves.

3. Urban coyote attacks on the rise.


Vodka Gummy Bears

Who wants a Jell-o shot when liquor soaked gummy things are at the party? The answer is no one and I cannot wait until the Jimmy Buffett concert this Summer to explore the hundreds of tasty combinations!

Look how they get all hulked up after 5 days of soaking!

Click here to read all about this experiment in party treats.

3 Things To Know This Saturday

1. ShamWow guy punches a hooker.

2. A bobcat walks into a bar...

3. Connecticut school bans all physical contact.



Have you been craving a daily blog that features a scanned cross-section of a tasty sandwich? You are in luck!

Click here to be stare at the bisected deliciousness.

3 Things To Know This Tuesday

1. Introduction of the world's least expensive car. (it looks super-dangerous)

2. The endangered species list for newspapers.

3. David Letterman gets married.


54 Greatest Sandwiches In America

This list was compiled from Slashfood readers favorite sandwiches. They are all linked up to the restaurant you can get them from. Cross country roadtrip of tasty ideas for sure!

Click here to see the full list.

3 Things To Know This Tuesday

1. Is the solution to gay-marriage to end marriage?

2. Pope says condoms are not the answer is the fight against AIDS.

3. White House fountains dyed green!


Not Tooting My Own Horn But...

I was tied for 7th on Neatorama's top submitters for February contest! (I got 5 posts to the front page) I know you don't care but it has brought a few new readers to Suburban Food (for thought) and has got me to work harder to make this blog better.

Click here to see my name on the top 10 list!

3 Things To Know This Wednesday

1. Michael Jackson plans to "tour" after passing medical tests.

2. Italian doctor says he cloned three babies and will artificially impregnate woman whose husband is in an irreversible coma. (busy)

3. Apple products banned in the Gates household.


Vegan Until Six

Mark Bittman, food writer for the NY Times, was told by his doctor that he was 35 pounds over weight, developing high cholesterol, had borderline high blood sugar, bad knees and sleep apnea. Bittman was told that a good option for him would be to go vegan. A food critic and lover of all five food groups, knew that would not work for him. He did the next best thing, go vegan until 6PM. A few months of sticking to a strict vegan diet before 6PM and then eating anything he wants for dinner he had lost the weight and dropped to normal levels on all of the docters tests. Interesting idea, forces you to eat fruits, veggies, and whole grains and you still get to splurge for dinner...nice

Read the full article here.

3 Things To Know This Tuesday

1. It's Square Root Day!

2. Same-sex couples sue for federal benefits.

3. NY Gov. Paterson shows some leg. (odd)