21 Greatest Space Photos

I don't want to get too "space-y" on everyone as of late but I found this on Life.com and couldn't pass up posting it.

Click here and enjoy.

3 Things To Know This Tuesday

1. The germiest tourist attractions.

2. The world's most crowded swimming pool.

3. The secrets of jockeying.

Buzz Aldrin Is Not Happy

This video is of Jaime and Adam from Mythbusters discussing their debunking of the "faking the moon landing" myth on CNN.

The best part comes toward the end though when a conspiracy theorist comes up to Buzz Aldrin at a party and tells him that he never walked on the moon.

Needless to say he didn't take it very well.


3 Things To Know This Thursday

1. The Willis Tower officially the tallest in the United States.

2. Legal pot would bring $1,400,000,000 to California.

3. Michael Jackson's head is on fire.

Apollo 11's 40th Anniversary

Apollo 11 was an 8 day journey that included 2 1/2 of the most world-changing, historic hours that have ever taken place.

Click here to see Apollo 11 in photos.

"In this one moment, the world came together in peace for all mankind".
-Buzz Aldrin


Taco Bell's New Green Menu

Taco Bell is set to debut their new "green menu". What makes it green you ask?

Nothing is taken from nature. So that is zero impact food.

Click here to see the video.

via The Onion

3 Things To Know This Wednesday

1. T. Boone Pickens gives up.

2. 7 of 10 in the GOP will vote Sarah Palin in 2012.

3. Kim Jong Il looking...ill.


The Art Of The Prison Escape

Marc Steinmetz created a photo exposition of some of the greatest DIY technology. It was all created by the most unlikely of people.


These are all very inventive escape tools created by the most desperate of prisoners throughout the years.

Click here to view the photos and read about their intended use.