17 Odd Mental Disorders

Boanthropy, Reduplicative Paramnesia, and GRS (Genital Retraction Syndrome) are all real mental illnesses that you need to know a little more about.

Click here to read all about the these and 14 more.

3 Things To Know This Tuesday

1. ABC News thinks that someones transgender status has something to do with their driving ability.

2. Postal worker stole $20,000 in stamps to pay mortgage.

3. The growing urban chicken movement.



I am really glad to bring you this link today. Its just one of those things that you didn't even realize you needed until it came into your life. enjoy.

Click here for the tastiest business card you'll ever eat.

3 Things To Know This Wednesday

1. Arnold Schwarzenegger says it's time to debate legalizing marijuana.

2. Dom DeLuise at his funniest.

3. Michelle Obama visits Sesame Street.


The Ten Most Underrated Things About The Greatest Playoff Series In History

This is a blog post from my new favorite blog called Intensities in Ten Suburbs. It is written by Andrew Unterberger of Twistëd Misters (World Series Of Pop Culture) fame.

Read this you'll enjoy it!

3 Things To Know This Saturday

1. Glass-bottom Sears Tower!

2. Obama to visit American Idol?

3. Hydroxycut just might kill you.



Would you sit down and eat 10 cubes of sugar?

Well thats what you are doing when you drink a single can of soda.

This is a great idea. They basically take all kinds of everyday foods including things like fruits and vegetables and show you how much sugar is included by laying out sugar cubes. Enjoy never wanting to eat anything again.

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3 Things To Know This Friday

1. Justice Hillary Clinton?

2. First gay American Idol?

3. Robber steals only jelly beans.