Photo Featured On Gapers Block

My photo has been featured as the "rearview" photo of the day on the fantastic blog Gapers Block for November 6th! Check it out if you get a chance.


Happy Halloween!

Hope everyone has a great Halloween.

Here is the November 2nd cover of the New Yorker for your enjoyment.

I think it is great.


This Is It

The first review is in from Michael Jackson's concert-that-never-was concert film "This Is It" and it is....positive! I am so glad that this movie is actually decent (based on one review).

Click here to check it out.


3 Things To Know This Monday

1. Ample H1N1 vaccine will be available soon.

2. Mermaid Girl dies from cold.

3. Amazing pumpkin pictures.


New game!! This one is really fun. I cannot get past level 14 and it's driving me nuts!

Click here to play.


More Than You'll Ever Need To Know About Boiled Eggs

This a far too in depth article from Serious Eats. You do finally get the definitive info on exactly how to boil an egg. So enjoy.

Click here to enter the food lab.

Assembler 4

Fun game...check it out! Click here.

3 Things To Know This Friday

1. Over 1,000,000 people are stopped and frisked in America every year.

2. President Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize.

3. Gay TV characters at a record high.



Top 20 "90's" Cartoons

brainz.org put together a list of their top 20 90's cartoons. Their only criteria was that the show had to start in the 90's and it had to be a cartoon. They made an exception for number 1 but you'll see why.

Click here to see the list!

Follow my lead and create your own Top 10 in the comments section!

3 Things To Know This Thursday

1. Patrick Swayze honored on "Dancing With The Stars" with recreation of famous scene.

2. How far away from a McDonalds can you get in the U.S.?

3. The cure for cancer.


The Lost Art Of Cursive Handwriting

Times have changed and now more time is devoted to typing in the early grades than cursive handwriting. Some teachers argue that writing in script helps hand-eye coordination, even though average legibility peaks around 4th grade.

Is cursive handwriting a necessary skill or a dying art?

Click here to read about what is going on in some schools.

3 Things To Know This Monday

1. The Emmy winners.

2. Alien or shaved sloth...you decide.

3. President Obama may fight for Chicago Olympics after all.



Hungry Shapes

I've got another game for you. Good luck in advance with level 30. enjoy!

Click here to give it a try!

Chicago's Original Amusement Park

Riverview park operated from 1904 to 1967 on Chicago's north side. Of the nearly 50 rides that Riverview boasted at it's peak only one is still is operation. It is the Riverview Carousel located in Six Flags Over Georgia.

Below you will find 40 historic photos from the Tribune Company of historic Riverview Park.

Click here to see the photos and read more about Riverview.

3 Things To Know This Wednesday

1. Now supporting gay marriage means eating more ice cream! (and it's even Ben & Jerry's)

2. SNL's new hires.

3. The tennis match of the century : Ferrell V. Arnett


Dark Stores

This is a photoproject by Brian Ulrich called Dark Stores. Very sad.

Click here to check it out.

Hot Dog Of The Week

Do you like hot dogs? Who doesn't?!

Then click here and read about the best ones from around the country. The entries also include a drawing similar to the one to the left.

They are by the fantastic artist Hawk Krall. Click on his name and buy a print for yourself or for me because I'd appreciate it.

3 Things To Know This Friday

1. The "big three" banks have 1/3 of deposits, 1/2 of the mortgages, and 2/3 of credit cards in the US.

2. New Orleans - 4 Years Later.

3. Richard Nixon hated Ted Kennedy.