Santa's Village Amusement Park - Abandoned

I traveled to East Dundee, IL and captured these pictures in 2006. This was a regional theme park that operated from 1959-2006. There has been talk to relocate Santa's Village to Utica, IL. This would add to the already booming area of Starved Rock State Park.



The Coaster Critic said...

Great video! What a creepy sight an old abandoned amusement park is. I'll definitely be posting the video and a link to your post. I'm almost glad Geauga Lake had its ride's removed after seeing that neglected park with everything still intact.

Mary said...

Thank you so much for capturing these images. Very creepy, very much a depiction of the decay of innocence in our society. Publishable. I hope you have them in high resolution quality.

Kim Taylor said...

That was excellent. How did you get into the park after it was closed to get these photos. AND......why can't I find places like this?