Illinois State Fair Food

It's inching towards the end of Summer and that can mean only one thing...it's state fair time. In one week from today I'll be heading down to Springfield to take in the usual sights as well as some new ones.

I found a list of some of the food options this year (and some pictures).

* Cryo-Creamery ice cream frozen with liquid nitrogen

* “Rueben dogs”

* deep-fried turkey sandwich

* fried key lime pie

* Red Bull energy slushes

* fried plantains

* deep-fried s’mores

* burger on a stick

* meatballs on a stick

* deep-fried hot dogs

* Cajun-style sweet iced tea

* cherry key limeade

* deep-fried brats

* chocolate-covered strawberries on a stick

* Alaskan king crab cakes

* 8-inch-high waffle bowl sundae

via The State Journal - Register

I should probably stop eating now in preparation for a whole lot of deep-fried fun.

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