Question Of The Day

I am going to ask a question, you can feel free to try and answer it in the comments section. Do not try and look up the answer! Just give your best guess and I will reveal the answer in a post coming in the next few days.

What are the only four fruit species native only to North America and no other continent?

If you can only come up with some feel free to just post those, guesses are always welcome!

Good luck!


Vicki said...

apple and tomato?

Tim said...

I heard this on the radio, so I won't put the answers, but they said there were only 3. Have you engineered some new fruit no one knows about yet? Are you some sort of super fruity genius?

steve moudry said...

You caught me, I am a super fruity genius. What radio station do you listen to?!? Now I see why you like my blog so much. haha.