$3,000,000 Overhead Projector?

So last night on the 2nd presidential debate John McCain suggested in passing that Barack Obama voted to spend 3 million dollars on an overhead projector. What was he talking about?

With a little searching I found that he was actually referring to a proposal Obama made to try and get some funding for the Adler Planetarium. It hadn't been updated in over 40 years and they no longer made the replacement parts for the dated equipment they used at the time.

I know McCain is out of touch but come on this was not for some desktop projector! It was for the buses full of students who, because of Barack Obama, can still visit this Chicago landmark.

Not exactly wasteful spending.


Cosmo said...

So, is McCain against funding education facilities for children?

steve moudry said...

No, but he implied that restoring a historic planetarium was wasteful spending on the part of Barack Obama.