Mmmmm....Expired Food

I could not do what this guy is doing even if it is to show how much food people waste. I dont care what it is, if I see a date on something that is even a day before it is going in the trash. It doesn't matter what it looks like or how it smells. I totally hate lunch meat and deli cheese because they print the day of purchase on it. Whats that all about! I think its just to throw you off. The date alone makes me think that it has gone bad. Excerpt from the crazy English guy's 14 day gross food challange:

"Welcome to an unusual experiment. For two weeks I have decided to eat increasingly out-of-date supermarket-food in an attempt to discover the truth about Use-By and Best Before dates, and prove that Britain is throwing out tons of perfectly good produce."

Read the rest of the article and his daily food journal by clicking here.

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