Foaming Soap : Biggest Rip Off Ever!

Big news! Seeing how easy this is, I feel kind of dumb not realizing it earlier. The foaming hand soap that they sell now is just watered down regular hand soap and they charge more for it?! I took an empty bottle of foaming soap, added about 4 table spoons of Bath & Body Works shower gel and just filled the the bottle with water. Once the foam goes down you have a perfect bottle of foaming hand soap. It's a great way to use up all those shower gels that just sit around or were gifts that you didn't use. Nice!

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Mechelle said...

Oooh I know! I bought a bottle for my kitchen and on the back they made this whole stink about not reusing the bottle because it doesn't work with regular soap~ How stupid do they think we are? Did they forget that you can buy the foaming soap bottles at health and beauty stores? So I ignored their advice and I now use my old foaming bottle to make my own foaming soaps just like you said.
Love your blog~ Signed up for it in my reader.
((hugs)) Mechelle