Fiber One Oats & Caramel Bar

Well you have to start somewhere, so how about here! I have to say this was pretty tasty. It has a very strong, rich caramel flavor with a hint of coffee. It boasts that it contains 35% of your daily fiber which is a nice bonus for such a great breakfast treat. What an ingredient list though, yikes.

The main ingredient is chicory root extract. Its not very often that the first ingredient listed is a flavor extract. I had to know a little bit more about what the heck chicory root extract is. Here are some fun (?) chicory root extract facts:
  • Has a high inulin fiber content which is known to cause stomach cramps and gas. (fun!)
  • In the United States chicory root is used as a substitute for coffee in prisons.
  • Known for its toxicity to internal parasites.

I think it might be toxic to my entire digestive system as well. As I have been writing this, my stomach has been making odd sounds and I feel terrible. I am going to go ahead and never eat another one of these. Taste great but too much weird fiber for my liking.

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