30 Million Dollar Adventure In Space

I am a huge fan of space travel! I think it's an important part of figuring out the most that we can about us and the universe around us. This guy though, Richard Garriott is spending his entire 30 million dollar fortune to fly to the international space station. His reasoning behind going is that his dad did it in the 70's and something called the "the immortality drive". It is a computerized list of humanity's greatest achievements, digitized human DNA and personal messages from Earthlings that will be left on the space station if something should happen to Earth. Give me a break there is not something better to spend 30 million dollars on back here on Earth! What good will we ever get from this. If something happens on Earth and we all die there will be one guy stuck on the international space station with all of that info. I know 30 million isn't like this world changing amount of money but I feel alot more good could have been done with a man's entire legacy. To each their own though I guess, have a nice flight.

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